Thomas-Koziarski Consulting Sp. Jawna (TKC), a civil partnership registered in Poland, was founded in 2007 by Frank Thomas and Stanisław Koziarski, two civil engineers well experienced in the contract and claim management of construction projects.

The company's core business area is providing outsourced contract and claim management services on various construction markets in Central & Eastern Europe (e.g. Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, the Russian Federation...) for the needs of various Parties involved in the  construction of infrastructure, real estate or plant projects based on international contract forms (e.g. FIDIC, PPP standard forms) and on civil law types of contracts.

Providing contract administration support to our Clients involves various supporting activities and skills which we provide and offer. These range from risk and budget studies, planning and scheduling of works, calculation of quantities, preparation of various analyses and expert opinions up to employing of recent multimedia techniques for the purpose of visualisation of concepts or processes.

Whatever we do for our Clients we always try to do it locally rather than remotely. We stay close to our Clients and to their projects and aim for developing long term working relations based on mutual trust and confidence resulting from joint success records.


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